Where’s That Again.?

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Usually from a personal name, e.g. the creek in West Virginia for William Strange. Lost in the forest, he carved on a beech tree, “Strange is my name, / and I’m on strange ground, / and strange it is / that I cannot be found.” His skeleton and inscription were later discovered.

Teddys Teeth, Colo.:

Some rocks were thus named in the early twentieth century for President Theodore Roosevelt, who was portrayed with prominent teeth by cartoonists.

Testament Creek, Ore.:

Because close to Bible Creek.

Twain-Harte, Calif.:

Named in 1924 after Mark Twain and Bret Harte, both associated with the region in which the town is situated. Since Twain despised Harte, the coupling is ironic.

Wewanta, W. Va.:

A coined name from “We want a post office.”

Yum Yum, Tenn.:

Along with Nankipoo and Koko, this name is from the Gilbert and Sullivan opera The Mikado , apparently placed by an enthusiast for that work. …

Zile au Boy Creek, Mo.:

By folk etymology from French aux iles au bois .