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Harris, Neil
Neil Harris is Professor of History at the University of Chicago.
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Hart, James D.
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Hartman, Kent
Kent Hartman is a marketing and merchandising consultant for the music industry and has taught marketing and entrepreneurship at Oregon State University and Portland State University. He hosts a weekly radio show, "Inside Oregon Business", and also works as a freelance writer.
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Hartwell, Dickson
Dickson Hartwell first learned to admire the jeep while serving as an air Force lieutenant colonel in the Pacific. He is the author of a book, Dogs Against Darkness , and of many articles for general magazines.
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Harwood, Michael
Michael Harwood is a naturalist, historian, and free-lance writer who lives in Connecticut. He has written on matters as diverse as birds and past Vice Presidents.
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Haskell, Frank Aretas
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Hatch, Thom
Thom Hatch is an award-winning author and biographer of Native American and American military history. His recently completed Osceola and the Great Seminole War: A Struggle for Freedom and Justice, was released by St. Martin's Press.
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Haverstock, Mary Sayre
Mrs. Haverstock, a free-lance writer on art, has just completed a biography of the painter George Catlin for young readers. It will be published next year.
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Havighurst, Walter
Walter Havighurst got his able seaman’s papers working on Great Lakes boats and wrote The Long Ships Passing about them. He is a professor at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
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Hawkins, Laurence Ashley
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Haydcn, Jay G.
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Hayden, Jay G.
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Hazelton, Jean Hanvey
Mrs. Hazelton has published essays, articles, and a children’s play on historical subjects. Quotations from Jefferson’s Day Book are reproduced by permission of the Huntington Library, San Marino, California.
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Hazleton, Lesley
—Lesley Hazleton, an automotive columnist for the Detroit Free Press , is the author of Driving to Detroit: An Automotive Odyssey .
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Head, Timothy
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Heap, Timothy
Gavan Daws is at work on a history of Honolulu which will be his doctoral dissertation at the University of Hawaii. Timothy Head is a research fellow with the East-West Center of the same institution.
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Heat-moon, William Least
— William Least Heat-Moon’s book Columbus in the Americas was published this summer.
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Hedges, William S.
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Heilbron, Bertha L.
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Heilbroner, Robert L.
Dr. Robert L. Heilbroner is the author of The Worldly Philosophers, The Future as History , and The Great Ascent . For further reading: God’s Gold: The Story of Rockefeller and His Times , by John T. Flynn (Harcourt, Brace, 19
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Col. Heinl, Robert Debs Jr.
A native of Washington, D.C., and a fire buff of long standing, Colonel HeM witnessed the fire at the White House in 1929, when he was thirteen years old. After twenty-seven years in the Marine Corps, he retired in 1964 to become an author and lecturer and is currently defense correspondent of the Detroit News . Colonel
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Heinzman, George M.
George M. Heinzman came across the personal accounts of the participants in the Battle of Beecher Island while doing research for his historical novel, Only the Earth and the Mountains , which was published by Macmillan in 1964. For further reading: The Long Death, by Ralph K. Andrist (Macmill
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Heller, Francis H.
Robert Ferrell’s Harry S. Truman: A Life was published last year by the University of Missouri Press.
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Hellman, Geoffrey T.
Geoffrey Hellman is well known to readers of The New Yorker, where his “profiles” and satirical pieces have appeared frequently for many years. He lives in New York City.
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Helms, Jesse
Jesse Helms, a Republican from North Carolina, is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. This essay is adapted from an address given at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s recent dinner honoring the committee.
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Helprin, Mark
Mark Helprin’s novels include A Soldier of the Great War, Winter’s Tale , and Memoir From Antproof Case .
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Hemming, Charles C.
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Mr. Henrickson, R. eiler
Independent historian and writer, Afghanistan/Iraq veteran, firearms instructor and enthusiast, patron of the arts.
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Henry, Laurin L.
Mr. Henry is a professor of government and foreign affairs at the University of Virginia. He has been a consultant to various agencies of the federal government, and is the author of Presidential Transitions , published in 1960.
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Heppenheimer, T. A.
Tom Heppenheimer, an associate fellow at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is a free-lance writer. Dr. Heppenheimer received his Ph.D in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan and his books include Countdown: A History of Space Flight (Wiley 1997).
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Herbes-sommers, Christine
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Herman, Michele
Michele Herman is a New York freelancer who writes often about design.
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Herman, Paul
—Paul Berman is the author of A Tale of Two Utopias: The Political Journey of the Generation of 1968 .
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Herrin, Lamar
Lamar Herrin teaches English at Cornell; The Unwritten Chronicles of Robert E. Lee was published last year by St. Martin’s Press.
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Hess, Stephen
Mr. Hess, a free-lance writer, is the author of America’s Political Dynasties: From Adams to Kennedy , recently published by Doubleday. He wrote the article on William Howard Taft in the October, 1966, AMERICAN HERITAGE .
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Heyman, Ken
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Hicks, Clifford B.
Mr. Hicks, an editor of Popular Mechanics , lives in Elmhurst, Illinois. He is the author of several juveniles, including Alvin’s Secret Code (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963). 97
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Higginbotham, Don
Don Higginbotham is chairman of the history department at the University of North Carolina. His essay on Vietnam and the Revolution appeared in the October/November 1981 issue.
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Higgs, David
David Higgs is a photographer and journalist living in England.
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Highwater, Jamake
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Hill, Frank Ernest
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Hill, Ralph Nading
Ralph Nading Hill is a native Vermonter, a trustee of the Shelburne Museum, an editor of the state magazine Vermont Life , and author of Contrary Country, The Winooski (one of the Rivers of America series) and Sidewheeler Saga . But his greatest job, he
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Hillard, Christel
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Hillenbrand, Laura
Laura Hillenbrand is an American author best known for her first book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend, released in 2001. She won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award for Seabiscuit, and its popularity led to its adaptation into the Academy Award-nominated film. In 2010 Hillenbrand finished her second book, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, a
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Hinckley, Anita W.
Anita W. Hinckley has lived in Rhode Island for eighty years, and with a wry Yankee wit remembers almost every minute of them. This is her first appearance in a national magazine.
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Hindle, Brooke
The author is senior historian at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. His most recent book is Emulation and Invention , published last year by New York University Press.
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Hine, Robert V.
Robert V. Hine is a professor of history at the University of California at Riverside. This article is based on his book, Bartlett’s West , to be published shortly by the Yale University Press. The bulk of the art that came out of the border survey—both Bartlett’s efforts and those of the men he commissioned—has
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Hine, Thomas
Thomas Hine is a writer on history, culture and design. He is the author of five books, including The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager. He contributes frequently to magazines, including The Magazine Antiques, Philadelphia Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, Martha Stewart Living, Architectural Record and others. For several years, he was a senior
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Hintz, Martin
Martin Hintz has written more than 80 books, along with dozens of magazine and newspaper articles about his home city of Milwaukee.
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Hirschl, Jessie Heckman
Jessie Heckman Hirschl has reviewed books and contributed light verse to magazines. For the past ten years she has made a research hobby of collecting material on “the greatest of all fairs,” which in her view differed from every other that preceded or followed it. For further reading: Fabulous Ch
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Hitz, Frederick P.
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Hoagland, Edward
This essay on Thoreau will be the introduction to The Maine Woods , a reprint of the Thoreau classic in a new nature series to be published in September by Penguin. The essay will also be included in an anthology of Mr. Hoagland’s writings to be issued this fall by Summit Books. Mr. Hoagland’s last contribution to Am
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Hochswender, Woody
—Woody Hochswender, a former style reporter for The New York Times and columnist for Harper’s Bazaar , is the author of Men’s Wardrobe .
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Hodgson, Moira
—Moira Hodgson is food critic for The New York Observer .
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Hoey, Edwin A.
Mr. Hoey, whom we are pleased to welcome to our pages, is senior editor of Read magazine, a periodical used in junior high schools; he lives in Middletown, Connecticut. The many sources for his article included two books by William S. Thomas: Members of the Society of the Cincinnati (
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Hoey, Edwin
Edwin A. Hoey, who lives in Middletown, Connecticut, is managing editor of secondary English publications at Xerox Education Publications.
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Hoffecker, Lilian Takahashi
Lilian Takahashi Hoffecker, a writer and anthropology teacher, lives in Colorado.
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Hofstadter, Richard
Richard Hofstadter (1916-1970), was the DeWitt Clinton Professor of American History at Columbia University. Hofstadter won the Pulitzer Prize for history in 1956 for The Age of Reform, and in 1964 for the cultural history Anti-Intellectualism in American Life.
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Hofstadter, Beatrice K.
Historian Beatrice K. Hof stadter has recently revised Volume HI of Great Issues in American History , which she wrote with her late husband, Richard Hofstadter, in 1958.
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Hogan, Donald W.
Donald W. Hogan is assistant city editor of the New York Herald Tribune . A free-lance writer whose major interest is American history, he has contributed articles to several national magazines.
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Holbrook, Stewart
Stewart Holbrook is a native Vermonter transplanted to Oregon. A magazine contributor and author of many books, he last wrote The Age of the Moguls , a recent best-seller.
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Holbrook, Stewart H.
Stewart H. Holbrook of Portland, Oregon, has contributed a number of articles to AMERICAN HERITAGE , including “Daylight in the Swamp” (October, 1958) and “The Paintings of Mr. Otis” (April, 1959). His latest book, The Golden Age of Quackery , was published in 1959 by Macmillan.
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Holch, Arthur
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Holland, Max
Max Holland is writing a history of the Warren Commission to be published next year by Basic Books.
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Hollander, Anne
Anne Hollander, an art historian, is the author of Seeing through Clothes (Viking Penguin). Her new book, Moving Pictures , will be published by Knopf in the spring.
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Hollon, W. Eugene
A native Texan and specialist in southwestern history, W. Eugene Hollon is a professor at the University of Oklahoma. He has written biographies of Zebulon Pike and Randolph Marcy.
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Holway, John
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Holway, John B.
—John B. Holway is the author of a dozen books on baseball.
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Holzer, Harold
Harold Holzer, a frequent contributor and winner of a 2005 Lincoln Prize for Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President (Simon & Schuster 2006), has written more than 40 books about the 16th president. He currently chairs The Lincoln Bicentennial Foundation and was awarded the National Humanities Medal by Presi
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Holzman, Robert S.
Dr. Robert S. Holzman, professor of taxation at New York University, is the author of Stormy Ben Butler and General “Baseball” Doubleday . His pictorial history. The Romance of Fire Fighting , will be published next year.
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Honan, William H.
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Hoopes, Roy
Roy Hoopes is the Washington bureau chief of Modern Maturity and the author of several books, including Americans Remember the Homefront , recently reissued in paperback.
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Hoover, Elizabeth
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Hoover, Herbert
Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) served as the 31st President of the United States from 1929-1933 and Secretary of Commerce under Presidents Harding and Coolidge. After the United States entered World War I President Wilson appointed him as the head of the U.S. Food Administration, and Hoover's rationing policies helped feed American servicemen. His humanitarian efforts helped feed needy civilians in
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Hope, Jack
Jack Hope is a-New York writer and naturalist who has trapped more than five hundred mice, all with Victor snap traps.
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Hopkins, George E.
George E. Hiipkins is associate professor of history at Western Illinois University. A former military pilot, he is the author of The Airline Pilots (Harvard University Press, 1971). For further reading on related subjects in AMERICAN HERITAGE , see “The Int
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Hopkins, Robert
Robert Hopkins is the president of the Harry Hopkins Public Service Institute, which honors his father's service as the Secretary of Commerce under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Hopkins, who covered the Yalta Conference as Roosevelt's personal photographer in 1945, became a prominent documentary producer, and worked with the Central Intelligence Ag
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Hopper, Richard H.
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Horgan, Paul
Paul Horgan has spent much of his life in New Mexico and has written extensively about the Southwest. Portions of his Pulitzer Prize-winning history of the Rio Grande, Great River , appeared in the first issue of AMERICAN HERITAGE . He is now at work on a biography of Archbishop Lamy.
Paul Horgan's picture
Horn, Dara
Dara Horn’s article on tracing Civil War Boston appeared in the April 1998 issue. The tenement building is open to visitors by guided tour only. Tours leave 90 Orchard Street every half hour every day save Monday. Call for exact times (212-431-0233) or check the museum’s Web site:
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Horn, James
Dr. James Horn is Vice President of Research and Historical Interpretation & O’Neill Director of the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. He has served as Saunders Director of the International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello, Editor of Publications at the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture at the College of William and Mary,
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Hornick, Karen
Karen Hornick teaches interdisciplinary studies on cultural history, gender theory, literature, and media at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. She received the Gallatin Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009.
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Horowitz, Mark
—Mark Horowitz is an editor at New York magazine.
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Horsman, Reginald
Reginald Horsman is Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. English-born (though now a citizen of the United States), he returned to England on a Guggenheim Fellowship to do research that led to his book The War of 1812 (Knopf, 1969) and to this article on Dartmoor.
Reginald Horsman's picture
Hosley, William
William Hosley is the curator of American decorative arts at the Wadsworth Atheneum, in Hartford, Connecticut.
William Hosley's picture
Hou, Wenhui
Wenhui Hou visited our offices in New York last year, and she now reports from Lanzhou that she is working on two books on American history.
Wenhui Hou's picture
Houston, Jourdan
Jourdan Houston, a free-lance author based in New Hampshire, is especially interested in the history of science.
Jourdan Houston's picture
Howard, A.e. Dick
A noted scholar on constitutional law, comparative constitutionalism, Anglo-American legal history, and the United States Supreme Court, A. E. Dick Howard is the White Burkett Miller Professor of Law and Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. Howard has also clerked for Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black, served as a consultant to the Governor of Virginia and the Senate Judiciary Commit
A. E. Dick Howard's picture
Howe, George
A native of Bristol, Rhode Island—whose past he commemorated in his most recent book, Mount Hope —George Howe is a practicing Washington architect who has also made a highly successful career as a writer. This article will appear in his forthcoming book on Connecticut and Rhode Island, to be published by Harper & Bro
George Howe's picture
Howe, Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker Howe, winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815–1848 (Oxford 2007), is the Rhodes Professor of American History Emeritus at Oxford University, and Professor of History Emeritus at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Daniel Walker Howe's picture
Howells, Cyndi
Cyndi Howells is the owner of Cyndi’s List, which has twice been voted the best genealogy site on the World Wide Web and has had more than five million visitors. She is also the author of Netting Your Ancestors , a bestselling book on genealogical research on the Internet.
Cyndi Howells's picture
Hrastar, Tim W.
Tim W. Hrastar is the author of William Preston Mayfield Photographer (Viewpoint Publications, Dayton).
Tim W. Hrastar's picture
Hubbard, Timothy William
Mr. Hubbard, formerly an associate editor of Newsweek , is now an associate professor of finance and journalism and director of the INGAA Business Communications Program at the University of Missouri. For further reading: The History of the American Sailing Navy
Timothy William Hubbard's picture
Hubbard, Jake T.
Professor Hubbard is chairman of the Magazine Department al Syracuse University. He is the author of a history of banking and westward expansion entitled Banking in Mid-America (Public Affairs Press, 1969).
Jake T. Hubbard's picture
Huber, Leonard V.
A Louisiana historian and collector, Mr. Huber wrote “Heyday of the Floating Palace,” an article about early Mississippi steamboats, in the October, 1957, AMERICAN HERITAGE . All illustrations are from the collection of the author except the tableau scene on page 20, which appeared in Harper’s Weekly for March 29,
Leonard V. Huber's picture
Hughes, Charles Evans
Charles Evans Hughes, Sr. (1862-1948) served as Governor of New York (1907–1910), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1910–1916), United States Secretary of State (1921–1925), and the 11th Chief Justice of the United States (1930–1941). He was the Republican candidate in the 1916 U.S. Presidential election, losing to Woodrow Wilson. Hughes was an
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Hume, Ivor NoËl
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Hume, Ruth
Ruth Hume has written several articles on music and American culture for AMERICAN HERITAGE . For further reading: Humbug: the Art of P. T. Barnum , by Neil Harris (Little, Brown and Company, 1973), and Jenny Lind, the Swedish Nightinga
Ruth Hume's picture
Hunt, Morton M.
Morton M. Hunt has been writing for magazines since his discharge from the Army Air Force after World War II. In 1956 he was president of the Society of Magazine Writers.
Morton M. Hunt's picture
Hunt, John Clark
Until his retirement last year, John Clark Hunt had spent over three decades in the West working for the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. He is currently writing a book on the early years of the Forest Service.
John Clark Hunt's picture