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Historic Sites

Amory Regional Museum
Amory, Mississippi

A visit to the Amory Regional Museum is a trip down memory lane.

Anasazi Heritage Center
Dolores, Colorado

The museum features permanent exhibits on archaeology, local history, & Native Amer

Anasazi Historical Site & State Museum
Boulder, Utah

Visit the museum and partially excavated prehistoric Indian village

Anchorage Museum Of History And Art
Anchorage, Alaska

For an engaging look into the history, ethnography, and art of Alaska, plan a trip to t

Andalusia Estate
Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Home for generations to the Biddle family, Andalusia is one of the finest examples of m

Andalusia Farm
Milledgeville, Georgia

During her productive years as a writer, noted female wri

Andersonville National Historic Site
Andersonville, Georgia

Camp Sumter, commonly called Andersonville, was one of the largest military prisons est

Andres Pico Adobe
Mission Hills, California

Inside are museum displays of native American beads, Mission and Spanish-Mexican era ar

Andrew County Museum & Historical Society
Savannah, Missouri

Over the past decade, the museum has adopted a strategic plan, guiding the museum in a

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site
Greeneville, Tennessee

The Andrew Johnson National Historic Site honors the life of the 17th President.

Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum/McClellan Headquarters
Grafton, West Virginia

Birthplace of the Founder of Mother's Day, this house was the first field headquarters

Anna Miller Museum
Newcastle, Wyoming

Built in the 1930's, the museum was originally a WPA project for Company A, 115th Caval

Annapolis Maritime Museum
Annapolis, Maryland

Located in the old McNasby's Oys

Anoka County Historical Society
Anoka, Minnesota

The Anoka County Historical Society is dedicated to honoring the memory of past residen

Antietam National Battlefield
Sharpsburg, Maryland

It was at this battlefield that the Civil War saw its bloodiest single day battle.

Apalachicola Maritime Museum
Apalachicola, Florida

The Apalachicola Maritime Museum features the "Heritage of Apalachicola," a replica of

Apopka Historical Society
Apopka, Florida


Appalachian Caverns And Campground
Blountville, Tennessee

For many years the cavern lay in silence broken only by the sound of the water, the ani

Apple River Fort
Elizabeth, Illinois

The war, which lasted only 16 weeks, ended the threat of Indian attacks in the area and

Appomattox County Historical Museum
Appomattox, Virginia

This museum covers the history of Appomattox County, but is not concerned with the Civi

Appomattox Court House National Park
Appomattox, Virginia

Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S.

Arcadia Mill
Milton, Florida

The Arcadia Mill Archaeological Site in Milton bears witness to America's 19th century

Archaeology Institute At The University Of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida

Besides functioning as an archaeological research facility, the Archaeology Institute a

Archibald Smith Plantation Home
Roswell, Georgia

For over 150 years, the Smith’s Plantation Home has stood the test of time as The Civil

Ardenwood Historic Farm
Fremont, California

Today the Historic Farm exhibits agricultural practices from the 1870s to the present,

Argo Gold Mine And Museum
Idaho Springs, Colorado

The five-story Argo mill was renovated and opened to the public as a historic and educa

Arizona Capitol Museum
Phoenix, Arizona

More than 20 exhibits tell Arizona's story from territorial days to the present.

Arizona Historical Society & Museum
Tucson, Arizona

One of their earliest actions was to create the means for documenting the past and reco

Arkansas Historic Preservation Program
Little Rock, Arkansas

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program is devoted to getting the citizens of Arkans

Arkansas Post Museum
Gillett, Arkansas

The Main House contains an audiovisual room and gift shop.