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    Today in History

  • US declares war on Spain

    Congress issues a declaration of war against Spain following the explosion of the USS Maine in Havana harbor. One day earlier, Spain had declared war in response to an American blockade of Cuba, compelling President William McKinley to declare war.

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  • Elbe Day

    American and Soviet forces meet on opposite sides of the Elbe River in eastern Germany, effectively announcing the Allied occupation of Germany. While Nazi units continued to fight, Elbe Day represents the first link of Alled forces from the Western and Eastern Fronts.

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  • Edward R. Murrow born

    American journalist and reporter Edward R. Murrow is born in Guilford County, North Carolina. Murrow helped relay the news from Europe during World War II, where he reported from Austria in 1938, and later covered the Battle of Britain from London. Murrow later distinguished himself during the Cold War, as he frequently criticized Senator Joseph McCarthy and the Red Scare.

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