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Bernard A. Weisberger, distinguished former history professor of Wayne State University and the Universities of Chicago and Rochester, was the associate editor of American Heritage from 1970 to 1972. He recently authored When Chicago Ruled Baseball: The Cubs-White Sox World Series of 1906 (William Morrow 2006), and has also written Reporters for the Union, a study of Civil War newspapermen.

Articles by this Contributor

May/june 1993

September 1993

The sad lessons of 1919 are eloquent about today’s endlessly wretched situation in the Balkans

October 1993

First Ladies have been under fire ever since Albert Gallatin called Abigail Adams “Mrs. President”

November 1993

Terrorists armed with high explosives have been busy on our shores lately. America has weathered such attacks before.

December 1993

“Ten thousand River Commissions,” wrote Mark Twain, “cannot tame that lawless stream.” But James Eads came close.

February/March 1994

They had the perfect remedy for the bloated bureaucracy: the civil service

February/March 1994

It’s a politician’s bromide—and it also happens to be a profound truth. No war, no national crisis, has left a greater impress on the American psyche than the successive waves of new arrivals that quite literally built the country. Now that arguments against immigration are rising again, it is well to remember that every single one of them has been heard before.