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Bernard A. Weisberger, distinguished former history professor of Wayne State University and the Universities of Chicago and Rochester, was the associate editor of American Heritage from 1970 to 1972. He recently authored When Chicago Ruled Baseball: The Cubs-White Sox World Series of 1906 (William Morrow 2006), and has also written Reporters for the Union, a study of Civil War newspapermen.

Articles by this Contributor

October 1972

George Eastman's inexpensive, popular camera helped create the modern age

December 1973

Of the turbulent career of Pinckney B. S. Pinchback, adventurer, operator, and first black governor of Louisiana. He reminds one powerfully, says the author, of the late Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.

June 1973

A Legend in Her Time

February 1974

The Federal Writers’ Project 1935-1943

December 1975

To spend and be spent for the Good of Mankind is what I chiefly aim at

October 1976

What happened at 6:40 p.m., November 18, 1903?

April 1977

The Man, the Myth, and the Midnight Ride

December 1979

Why the most fascinating of subjects is made to seem the most boring—and what can be done about it