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Bernard A. Weisberger, distinguished former history professor of Wayne State University and the Universities of Chicago and Rochester, was the associate editor of American Heritage from 1970 to 1972. He recently authored When Chicago Ruled Baseball: The Cubs-White Sox World Series of 1906 (William Morrow 2006), and has also written Reporters for the Union, a study of Civil War newspapermen.

Articles by this Contributor

April 1994

The unquiet history of the modern state of Israel has been tied up with the United States from the beginning

May/June 1994

Haiti’s current plight is grimly familiar to anyone with the least knowledge of that country’s past

July/August 1994

The half-remembered Korean conflict was full of surprises, and nearly all of them were unpleasant

September 1994

The arguments raging in the current health-care debate have all been heard before

October 1994

No Chief Executive has ever made it out of the White House without being scalded

November 1994

The emergence of AIDS has added new urgency to the work of an organization that turns eighty this year

December 1994

An American Heritage veteran looks at our first year to see what four decades have done to our subject

February/March 1995

What do the stunning Republican victories in the recent election mean? The answer may lie a century in the past.

April 1995

Are racial tendencies immutable? Almost ninety years ago the government spent a lot of money to find out.

May/June 1995

We tend to see the Constitution as permanent and inviolable—but we’re always wild to change it