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COPYRIGHT © 1941 BY ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION, EDGAR LESLIE, AND FRED FISHER MUSIC CO., INC. FULL COPYRIGHT INFORMATION AT END OF ARTICLE. Darby Perry has recently been appointed publisher of AMERICAN HERITAGE . For this article he interviewed or corresponded with several Panay survivors and with Japanese pilots who participated in the attack. He is now at work on a book about the incident. The editors wish to thank Arthur F. Anders, the Panay’s executive officer, for permission to photograph the blood-stained chart on which he wrote his orders (see page 41). Mr. Anders, now a retired commander living in California, has a son, Air Force Major William A. Anders, in the astronaut program. It is only one generation from gunboat times to the space age.

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April 1967

Life aboard the gunboat Panay was an idyl, and its crewmen were the envy of the fleet. Then, without warning, Japanese bombs started to fall.