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“& Mary Cable lives in Santa Fe, among the scenes that Sloan painted. Recently she published a novel, Avery’s Knot, based on a nineteenth-century murder.

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August 1960

On the long voyage from Bremen to America, the promised land, emigrants from eastern Europe endured a cramped, dangerous, and disease-haunted pilgrimage

February 1965

“It’s a picture of your father’s mother’s mother’s mother,” was my mother’s explanation when at twelve I asked about the faded daguerreotype in the breakfront. But she would not say any more

February 1969

It runs from the site of David Burnes’s farmhouse across old Goose Creek to Jenkins’ Hill. Linking the White House and the Capitol, it is Washington’s grand avenue, the

October 1974

“Your body is a temple,” our ancestors told their pubescent youngsters. ‘Now go take a cold bath”

April/may 1982

The famous painter of Eastern city life also captured the sunny, spacious world of the Southwest