Stewart H. Holbrook

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Stewart H. Holbrook of Portland, Oregon, has contributed a number of articles to AMERICAN HERITAGE , including “Daylight in the Swamp” (October, 1958) and “The Paintings of Mr. Otis” (April, 1959). His latest book, The Golden Age of Quackery , was published in 1959 by Macmillan. For further reading: Gilbert Patten and His Frank Merriwell Saga , by John L. Cutler (University of Maine, 1934); The Fiction Factory , by Quentin Reynolds (Random House, 1956); The House of Beadle & Adams , Vol. I, by Albert Johannsen (University of Oklahoma, 1950).

Articles by this Contributor

December 1957

Weapon in hand and Biblical imprecations on her lips, Carry Nation campaigned to save men from the drunkard’s fate

April 1957

Single-track lines run by one-track minds gave the reformers of Boston their biggest cause since abolition

June 1958

The steamship clerk of Pig’s Eye, Minnesota, built a railroad empire from the Great Lakes to Puget Sound

October 1958

Old-time logging in the Pacific Northwest was “a wildly wonderful if tragically heedless era”; there are those who still mourn its passing

June 1961

Harvard men blanched, cads fled, girls got trembly, and Horatio Alger took a back seat when manly Frank appeared. Score? Twenty million words