Walter Karp

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Walter Karp (1934-1989), was a long-time contributor to American Heritage. A journalist and historian, Karp wrote on the Founding Fathers, the Western movement, and the American political movements. His most famous work, The Politics of War: The Story of Two Wars Which Altered Forever the Political Life of the American Republic, was published in 1979.

Articles by this Contributor

April/May 1984

When the President fired the general, civilian control of the military faced its severest test in our history

June/july 1984

In which a President fails to fulfill his constitutional duty to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” And a reluctant Congress acts.

August/September 1986

The vast jumble of objects that once brought solace to an eccentric heiress has become a great museum of the middle class

March 1988

The early critics of television predicted the new medium would make Americans passively obedient to the powers that be. But they badly underestimated us.

May/June 1989

Stempel’s winning technique was simplicity itself: He got all the questions in advance.

February 1990

How Creek Indian number 1501 repaid a debt

April 1990

When Pierre S. du Pont bought the deteriorated Longwood Gardens in 1906, he thought that owning property was a sign of mental derangement. Still, he worked hard to create a stupendous fantasy garden, a place, he said, “where I can entertain my friends.”