Time Machine

50 Years Ago

April 25, 1957 The Navy sends its Sixth Fleet to the eastern Mediterranean to support King Hussein of Jordan against an uprising by pro-Egyptian army officers.

May 2, 1957 Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Republican of Wisconsin, one of the few non-Presidents to have a historical era named after him, dies at the age of 48 at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. He will be replaced by William Proxmire. Read more »

1832 - Lincoln: Indian Fighter


175 Years Ago On April 5 Black Hawk, a chief of the Sauk tribe, accompanied by several hundred warriors and their families, crossed the Mississippi River and set out for Rock Island, in northwestern Illinois. Back in 1804 Sauk and Fox leaders had agreed to abandon their lands east of the river, but Black Hawk and others denied the validity of that treaty. Now he and his followers hoped to reclaim their ancestral village.

Sauks and Foxes perform a war dance in a lithograph based on a late-1820s painting by Peter Rindisbacher.
library of congress2007_2_80
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“I Was Once a Great Warrior”

The tragedy of Black Hawk, who became the eponym of a war he tried to avoid

On July 4, 1838, the people of Fort Madison, in the Iowa Territory, invited an old Sauk war chief named Black Hawk to be guest of honor at their Independence Day celebration. A wrinkled and feeble old man, he sat at their banquet table under the trees on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River and listened dourly while the white men bestowed honor and friendship upon him. When his turn came Black Hawk, too, spoke of friendship, but he could not forget the past as easily as the whites. They, after all, had gained by it; he had lost.Read more »