Pontiac’s War

A Great Lakes Indian rebellion against the British changed the balance forever between Indian and colonist

The dead woman was one of the lowly Indian slaves known as Panis. Near Detroit in August 1762, she had helped another Pani to murder their master, a British trader. The outraged British commander in North America, Baron Jeffery Amherst, ordered them executed “with the utmost rigor and in the most publick manner.” By putting them publicly to death, Amherst meant to demonstrate that the Indians had become colonial subjects answerable to British law.Read more »

Father To The Six Nations

Only Sir William Johnson, living among them in feudal splendor, won and kept the confidence of the Iroquois.

Warraghiyagey, He-Who-Does-Much, was the name the Iroquois gave to this Mohawk Valley immigrant whom they came to love as a father and trust even beyond the grave. William Johnson justified and returned their love.