To Plan A Trip

Contact Cunard ( ) or your travel agent to see what’s on the schedule, from the 6-day Atlantic crossing to a 38-day passage around Cape Horn. Know that however long your voyage, you will not be bored. Not only does the ship itself reward days of exploration, but there is a full program of activities, entertainment high and low, movies, fitness classes, a wonderfully well-stocked library to browse, and lecturers specializing in liner history and the places you’ll visit.Read more »

Long Live The Queens

The QM2 , the latest in a line of great Cunarders, aims to command the seas

Years ago I acquired a wonderful piece of memorabilia, an invitation to the September 26, 1934, launch of a ship known as No. 534, with Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary in attendance. The vessel’s name was a closely guarded secret until the Queen smashed a wine bottle against its hull, thus christening the Queen Mary .Read more »

“When Does This Place Get to New York?”

The Queen Mary in Peace and War

The first commercial transatlantic flight still lay three years in the future when the Queen Mary began her maiden voyage in May, 1936, but Sir Percy Bates, chairman of the Cunard Line, made the sailing the occasion for an extraordinary forecast. “The crux of the matter,” he said, “will lie whether, twenty-five years from now, it would be the universal desire to travel like rockets at supersonic speeds in a closed metal container, probably without windows, or whether many would still prefer a more leisurely progression.” Read more »