The Greatest Comeback

After one Ford changed America, another accomplished something almost as amazing

I‘ve always thought that one of the saddest words in the English language is has-been . While it has a modern ring—perhaps because the movies and television have produced so many stars who’ve enjoyed, in Andy Warhol’s famous phrase, 15 minutes of fame—the phrase actually was first recorded in 1606, when London’s Globe Theatre was the pinnacle of show business. Of course, there are has-beens to be found far from the stage.

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Hitler And IBM



Did International Business Machines, a giant of information technology long before there were computers, have a “conscious involvement —directly and through its subsidiaries—in the Holocaust, as well as... in the Nazi war machine that murdered millions of others throughout Europe"? That’s the message of the bestselling book IBM and the Holocaust , by a journalist and son of Holocaust survivors named Edwin Black.

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The Evolution Of Your Office

Hidden agreements have made all business workplaces remarkably similar.

One of the first objects visible inside the entrance of the National Building Museum’s show On the Job: Design and the American Office (which runs in Washington, D.C., through August) is an early stapler. The Hotchkiss Number Two is more than a century old. It uses a curved, gravity-flow system for feeding the staples, lending it a resemblance to a cross between Hans Brinker’s silver skate and an old-time apple corer.

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