“I Gave Him Barks and Saltpeter...”

Medicine was primitive and their knowledge of it limited, but in their hazardous journey to the Pacific, Lewis and Clark lost only one patient

On February 23, 1803, Thomas Jefferson wrote the following letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, professor of the Institute of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the foremost American physician of his day: Dear Sir: I wish to mention to you in confidence that I have obtained authority from Congress to undertake the long desired object of exploring the Missouri & whatever river, heading with that, leads into the Western ocean.

Doctors In Pictures


For anyone interested in pictorial history, the Bettmann Archive in New York City is known to be a small cellar brimful of priceless items which trace visually the progress of man. Its founder, Dr. Otto L. Bettmann, has spent the majority of his 52 years collecting pictures, and his medical files alone number over 10,000 old prints, woodcuts, and cartoons relating to every conceivable medical topic.