Urban Pollution-Many Long Years Ago

The old gray mare was not the ecological marvel, in American cities, that horse lovers like to believe

To many urban Americans in the 1970’s, fighting their way through the traffic’s din and gagging on air heavy with exhaust fumes, the,automobile is a major villain in the sad tale of atmospheric pollution. Yet they have forgotten, or rather never knew, that the predecessor of the auto was also a major polluter. The faithful, friendly horse was charged with creating the very problems today attributed to the automobile: air contaminants harmful to health, noxious odors, and noise.Read more »

History As Junk

Henry Ford said history was “bunk,” but it was, perhaps, only a slip of the tongue. What we left behind us at most of the noted historic scenes of 1969 was junk, as these three familiar photographs attest. The mark of man, especially American man, is litter, and everyone has an excuse overcrowding at Bethel, where the future leaders of our world swarmed like May flies; the problems of bringing back bulky and possibly contaminated equipment from the moon; and in New York at the end of the World Series, natural exuberance. But there is always an excuse.Read more »

That Mess On The Prestile

From a way Down East came a stench of politics and potatoes, and news of a border incident that true patriots will long remember as

The traveller who leaves Maine on Route 6 and enters New Brunswick at Centreville encounters a curious monument beside the road only fifty feet inside the Canadian border. It is a large concrete slab, ten feet tall and tapering toward its flat, unadorned top. A plaque on its face bears the following inscription:


MONUMENT Read more »