To Plan A Trip

Contact Cunard ( ) or your travel agent to see what’s on the schedule, from the 6-day Atlantic crossing to a 38-day passage around Cape Horn. Know that however long your voyage, you will not be bored. Not only does the ship itself reward days of exploration, but there is a full program of activities, entertainment high and low, movies, fitness classes, a wonderfully well-stocked library to browse, and lecturers specializing in liner history and the places you’ll visit.Read more »

Long Live The Queens

The QM2 , the latest in a line of great Cunarders, aims to command the seas

Years ago I acquired a wonderful piece of memorabilia, an invitation to the September 26, 1934, launch of a ship known as No. 534, with Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary in attendance. The vessel’s name was a closely guarded secret until the Queen smashed a wine bottle against its hull, thus christening the Queen Mary .Read more »