Annals Of Social Work


“Conference voted family be threatened with having their children removed—then following up with friendly visit.”

“Woman was entirely without fuel but refused to give information about her relatives. Worker told her that if she got cold enough, she’d do as she was asked and give early history.”

“Family had beans for dinner and all worker could discover in house after thorough search was one half loaf of bread, so sent vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner. Family not appreciative.”

“Threatened Mrs. G that relief would be discontinued if she does not do exactly as she was told. Explained that when she accepted charity, she gave up right to make any decisions.”

“Discovered woman’s plan to marry. She begged worker to make no inquiries about man, as former matrimonial venture nipped in bud by worker’s predecessor. Worker wangled man’s address, talked to his landlady, instructed Mrs. T not to marry him.”

“Visitor out of town so asked her cook to visit family in her absence. Cook reported parents no good.”

“They are a difficult problem because entirely selfsupporting and therefore cannot be forced to follow suggestions made for their own good.”


FROM A LETTER : “I will try to atone for my mistakes. Never until I talked to you have I seen what a despicable being I have been.”

“Following leads from every source, visitor made 17 calls trying to find a suitable room. Woman found her own.”

“Lectured woman for forty minutes. She was not interested in the philosophy of family life.”

“Both Mr. and Mrs. W most uncooperative and unwilling to talk before the neighbors.”

“He was loathe to give names of all his relatives and became extremely upset when worker insisted. Asked why they all had to be visited just because he wanted to work.”

“Worker asked janitor to take Mr. G to station, buy ticket and give it to conductor. Mr. G objected, then said, ‘I suppose I should be grateful but I’m not.’ ”

FROM A LETTER : “The One thing I can’t seem to get through to you—you can think for me, you can make plans for my living because I am dependent on you but you can’t change my personality.”

FROM A LETTER : “Please don’t go around asking where my husband works and how much he gets, that’s for us to know and nobody else. So you people stay away, all we ask in a nice kind way, please don’t come bothering us and asking all the neighbors about us.”

“Found job for R but he did not appear. Went to his house and routed him out of bed, took him to the factory in a blinding rainstorm. As worker stepped into vestibule, the door slammed and she has not seen R since. He must have run very fast because he was out of sight before I could reach the nearest window.”