Books About The Presidency


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William B. Brown, The People’s Choice: The Presidential Image in the Campaign Biography (1960).

Robert J. Donovan, The Assassins (1955): An account of presidential assassinations.

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Richard F. Fenno, Jr., The President’s Cabinet, An Analysis of the Period from Wilson to Eisenhower (1959).

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Stefan Lorant, The Presidency: A Pictorial History of Presidential Elections, from Washington to Truman (1951).

Rudolph Marx, The Health of the Presidents (1960).

Louise Overacker, Presidential Campaign Funds (1946).

James E. Pollard, The Presidents and the Press (1947).

Edgar E. Robinson, The Presidential Vote: 1896–1932 (1947).

Irving Stone, They Also Ran; The Story of the Men Who Were Defeated for the Presidency (1945).

Theodore H. White, The Making of the President, 1960 (1961).