Gerald Carson

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Gerald Carson, who died in 1989, was a Contributing Editor of American Heritage.

Articles by this Contributor

June 1957

A history of the food reformers and cereal kings who made Battle Creek the center of a revolution in Americans eating habits

April 1963

American is full of cocktail lounges, and even bars, but they are nothing like that great male institution and home-away-from-home which died with Prohibition

August 1963

To the backwoods distillers of Pennsylvania, that was like taxing the air they breathed. Rut the government was deadly serious: the Constitution itself was at stake

August 1964

How a Pennsylvania congressman dug Martin Van Buren’s political grave with a golden spoon

December 1965

For a century the piano was America’s radio, phonograph, and television set, as well as its finishing school and its supreme status symbol

February 1966

In Jackson’s day you were damned if you wore a beard; by Lincoln’s, damned if you didn’t. Then beards were suddenly ‘out “—for good, it seemed. But were they?