The Case Of The Plodding Highwayman Or The Po8 Of Crime


Nor did he, so far as is known, though for a while Hume suspected him of two holdups that occurred later that year. Nevertheless, two more poems were linked to old Bart’s name. One was produced by a newspaper man in the mining country, who tried to palm it off as Bart’s work:

So here I’ve stood while wind and rain Have set the trees a-sobbin’ And risked my life for that damned stage That wasn’t worth the robbin’ .

The other verse connected with his name was a long, rambling affair written by Ambrose Bierce, then running a column in the San Francisco Examiner, as a comment on Bart’s prison-release news conference. The most memorable stanza was this:

What’s that?—you ne’er again will rob a stage? What! did you so? Faith, I didn’t know it . Was that what threw poor Themis in a rage? I thought you were convicted as a poet!

Black Bart’s poetry may have lacked Bierce’s classical allusions, but it scanned better.