Christopher Blossom & The Marine Tradition


Asked why he has chosen marine art, Blossom said: “I never really tried to think why. We always lived near the water. My father owned a boat, and I loved sailing. At first it probably was not an intellectual idea that influenced me—the immensity of the sea with its beauties and menace—not consciously anyway. I read and reread sea stories, especially C. S. Forester’s Hornblower series. I visited John Stobart’s studio, and his work had an atmosphere that stuck with me. Sails, rigging, the look of harbors a hundred years ago—you get so caught up in the subject you concentrate on it almost without realizing it. But I try not to paint just a technically correct ship or harbor. I try to use color, light, composition, anything I can, to create a mood. Sometimes it works.”