Days Of Unconditioned Air


THE GREATEST institution of those times, however, was the porch, or in the grander word, veranda . A great deal of time was spent very happily on old-time verandas, sniffing the honeysuckle, consuming gallons of iced tea and ginger ale, singing, philosophizing, or simply watching the grass grow. Verandas that went around two or even three sides of a house were best of all—parents and friends in the wicker, young romance around the corner in the hammock, listening to the mockingbird, whispering, giggling, watching the moon. Not many houses are built with porches now, I suppose because of the cost, or for lack of a view. Besides, all too many of us are spending the golden hours in the air-conditioned indoors, glued to the tube. Technology giveth, and technology taketh away.