Fall 2011

Volume 61
Issue 2


American artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens finds inspiration in France to create one of America’s most iconic sculptures, a memorial to Civil War hero Adm. David Farragut

The business of forging George Washington’s signature and correspondence to sell to unwitting buyers goes back 150 years

A new look at a famous Revolutionary figure questions whether history’s long-standing judgment is accurate

In a top-secret program, talented, young female mathematicians calculated the artillery and bomb trajectories that American GIs used to win World War II

Restoration experts make a startling discovery that an 1848 daguerreotype hides a wealth of insight into life in a pre-war riverside town

Civil War Chronicles 

July 21, 1861
August 10, 1861
August 28-29, 1861
August 30, 1861
October 9, 1861
October 21, 1861