The Fantastic Adventures Of Captain Stobo


The bleak words evoke an untold and unknowable story of disappointed hopes and unrealized ambitions; of low pay; of ill health from old wounds. Robert Stobo’s most admirable characteristics were tenacity, durability under pressure, and the ability to land on both feet, fighting. Somewhere in the ten years following 1760, these qualities failed him.

But in the seven crucial and formative years during which the American colonies freed themselves of French power and dependence on British arms, and so laid the groundwork for the American Revolution, Captain Stobo of the Virginians earned an honored if minor place in our early history. He still deserves from us today, in the words of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, “Thanks for his steady and inviolable attachment to the interest of this country, and for his singular bravery and courage exerted on all occasions.”