February 1957

Volume 8
Issue 2


John W. Garrett turned the pioneer Baltimore & Ohio into a great instrument for tapping the treasure of the West

Participants describe the opening of the American Revolution


To Stanley Vestal, the old Sioux warrior White Bull describes the day when he counted his greatest coup

"The current was too strong, the demagogues too numerous, the fall elections too near"

From the dark hold of the Amistad sprang a bold band who sailed her into history

Did the mysterious Portuguese sea captain help plot Lincoln’s assassination, or was he an informer?

An enterprising Yankee briefy ruled Atlantic sea lanes but a chain of disasters dogged his great steam packets

In an era that condoned smuggling and lawbreaking the transition from privateer to pirate was easy

Margaret Fuller very possibly spoke the truth, and the literary men of the age both admired and shied away from her

February 1957