George F. Scheer

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Mr. Scheer is the editor of Private Yankee Doodle , the diary of a Revolutionary soldier. He wislies to tliank for their co-operation Dr. Francis S. Ronalds, superintendent of the Morrisdown National Historical Park; Norman C. Fisher, formerly superintendent of Washington Crossing Slate Park; and Ann Hatches Hutton, author of Portrait of Patriotism . Portraits of Leutze and Whittrcdge are from the National Academy of Design (photograph of Leutze portrait, courtesy the Frick Art Reference Library).

Articles by this Contributor

February 1957

Participants describe the opening of the American Revolution

October 1957

General Washington wanted Benedict Arnold taken alive, right in the heart of British-held New York.

April 1958

Around Francis Marion there has sprung up an overgrowth of legend as tangled as the swamps he fought in. Here is an authoritative account of his role in the Revolution

December 1964

A memoir by a fellow artist who watched the genesis of a favorite American historical painting clarifies