June 1966

Volume 17
Issue 4


If you plan to give your books or manuscripts to your alma mater, do not—repeat, not—try to bamboozle the tax examiner. Uncle Sam is watching you, and his agents may be shrewder than you think
Who was the dark-haired stranger with the limp?
It took five thousand American troopers a year and a half to run down the great Apache raider and his lethal band. They did it by tough persistence and skill—or was it guile?

In the hills above Johnstown the old South Fork dam had failed. Down the Little Conemaugh came the torrent, sweeping away everything in its path

George Peabody made fourteen million dollars and gave nine million away —with no tax deductions to urge him on
Pulled by patient horses, pursued by thirsty urchins, the iceman moved along in a conveyance grand enough for a circus parade.

To what extent did greatness inhere in the man, and to what degree was it a product of the situation?

The battle smoke of the Revolution had scarcely cleared when desperate economic conditions in Massachusetts led former patriots to rise against the government they had created. The fear this event aroused played an important part in shaping the new Constitution of the United States

June 1966