Letters To The Editor

Derwood, MD
Robert E. Lee, Terrorist? Cont. 
Letter writer Hosea Martin (“Letters to the Editor, Spring/Summer 2008”) describes Robert E. Lee as a “terrorist” in the category of Osama bin Laden. The forces of the Confederacy did not try to overthrow the U.S. Government, but rather tried to validate the secession of the southern states and separate from the Union. The Civil War certainly resulted in great carnage to Americans, but this was hardly in the same category as 
what is being carried out by Bin Laden and his associates.
Gen. Robert E. Lee was a rebel (surely) and a revolutionary (probably), but he was no terrorist.
—Robert A. Fink, M.D.
Berkeley, CA
The editor of the “Letters to the Editor” was woefully deficient either in not providing corrections to this blatantly wrong letter or just in printing it at all. First, neither Lee nor the Confederacy “tried to overthrow the U.S. Government.”  They tried to secede (leave) as they believed they had the right under “states rights.”  Second, it was the North that first attacked/invaded the South. Third, there are NO terrorist-like actions that Martin can point to by Lee. He was a military general and oversaw military campaigns. His methods of operation were studied by military men of many countries, including the U.S. Army because of their brilliance. It is interesting that Martin says “thousands of Americans were killed by his troops” and ignores that his troops were also Americans and thousands of them were killed by other Americans.
—Davis R. Reese
Bryn Mawr, PA