Mason Weems: Reports From The Front


I have never met with such cross-grain d materials to work upon, as these Presidents & Vice Presidents and Members of Congress. I have been twice with M r . Munroe, never met with smiles of more cordial friendship, with assurances of a disposition to do everything for the Author of the Olive Branch and for myself—But still nothing is written for me—“ He actually has his hands so full that he cannot find time .” I have been three times with M r . Lowndes of S. Carolina, a Mammoth in Public opinion; but he has his scruples about recommending a book that he is not acquainted with—and he is now so busy that he fears he shall not be able Io do anything for me . John Q. Adams also treats me with exceeding hospitality & attention—but for his part hopes I will excuse him —he does not think he can do anything for me but subscribe for a copy which he has done—he made it a rule never to recommend ANY BOOK , lest he sh d be obliged to recommend all .