Model Of USS Cheyenne, Last US Monitor



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Model Of USS Cheyenne, Last US Monitor

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Model Of USS Cheyenne, Last US Monitor

Content Description: 

Laid down in San Francisco, California, in 1898 and first commissioned in 1902 as USS Wyoming, the monitor initially underwent trials and exercises off the West Coast. Steaming south, she protected American citizens and interests during the Colombian civil war. Out of commission from 1905 to 1908, Wyoming returned to service to partake in a major experiment. She was refitted with oil-burning equipment and renamed Cheyenne. Her success was a breakthrough for the U.S. Navy because oil was a much more effective fuel than coal.Cheyenne later served with the Washington Naval Militia before being refitted out as a submarine tender. While acting as tender to the 2nd Submarine Division, Pacific Torpedo Flotilla, Cheyenne also saved refugees from Mexico. Throughout World War I, she operated on the West Coast. Decommissioned in 1926 and sold for scrap in 1939, Cheyenne was the last U.S. monitor.She had a complement of 148 officers and men and was outfitted with two 12-inch guns, four 4-inch guns, three 3-pounders, two 1-pounders, four Maxim Nordenfelt guns, and two Colt machine guns.

Physical Description: 

Scale of model: 1/4" to 1'. Original ship dimensions: Length 255' 1"; Beam 50'; Draft 12' 6"; Displacement 3,225 tons; Speed 12 knots.

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