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World War I

World War I




From the Archives

US Enters WWI

World War I marked the first time that U.S. soldiers would said east to decide a major European war

The Lost Battalion

The doughboys numbered only 550 men&the remnants of four battalions&and were surrounded by Germans. Then they were given the order to attack

Meuse-Argonne: America's Bloodiest Battle

American doughboys proved their mettle in the forests and fields of eastern France during World War I

The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson

The great tragedy of the twenty-eighth President as witnessed by his loyal lieutenant, the thirty-first

Placards at the White House

In 1917, fed up with the inaction of conservative suffragists, Alice Paul decided on the unorthodox strategy of pressuring the president directly

The War That Changed the World

In the summer of 1914 the nations were at peace and the future seemed serene. Then the guns spoke, and things would never again be the same


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