October 1964

Volume 15
Issue 6


A Union veteran talks of life in a prison camp: it was bad, yet there were times one could recall happily

Should Commodore Barron have surrendered his ship? Should Decatur have criticised him? Their famous duel ended in … bloodshed at dawn

Only the rudder and a strut or two remained ol his original plane and he was on crutches, but CaI Rodgers flew from sea to sea and lived—just barely
Frederick Law Olmsted founded a new artistic profession in America. Today he is scarcely known by the millions who use and enjoy his works
In a paper written in 1926 but now first published here, Woodrow Wilson’s personal physician refutes other accounts of the break with Colonel House
A tale of bigamous Johann Hoch (if that was his name), of the follies of wealthy widows, and of the dreadful discoveries of a parson who suspected the worst

Back from France with an epicure’s knowledge of haute cuisine , our third President served the most lavish dinners in White House history

Of New Harmony, Indiana, its celibates and reformers, and of certain new wrinkles in the pursuit of happiness
He safaried to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with an entourage of celebrities as witnesses, to defend his reputation in court
Somehow the royal land grants in New Jersey are still operating, and every now and then they pay off
October 1964