William E. Wilson

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Mr. Wilson, a frequent contributor to AMERICAN HERITAGE , is the author of Indiana: A History , published last year. For further reading: The Lords Baltimore and the Maryland Palatinate , by C. C. Hall (J. Murphy, 1902); Maryland; The History of a Palatinate , by W. H. Brown (Houghton Mifflin, 1912).

Articles by this Contributor

October 1964

Of New Harmony, Indiana, its celibates and reformers, and of certain new wrinkles in the pursuit of happiness

August 1965

It was 1924 and the Klan was riding high. The author’s father, a congressman, wouldn’t join, and this Is how It felt to be an outcast In one’s own home town that

October 1966

So Abraham Lincoln summed up his boyhood in Indiana. Posterity has made of it a romantic legend, spent in a dark, smoky, crowded, deep in the wilderness

August 1967

For over a century the colony was the feudal property of the Lords Baltimore. It turned out to be a fee of troubles.