A Postage Stamp History Of The U.S. In The Twentieth Century



The stamps of World War II were issued before, during, and after the conflict. Roosevelt put the National Defense theme on our mail shortly before Pearl Harbor and marked the defense of Corregidor and the capture of Iwo Jima before Japan surrendered. A thirteen-stamp issue honored the occupied countries. All the services were celebrated, and veterans were honored the year after the war, gold star mothers two years later.


1960 to 1980: An Acceleration of Events



When Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott opened the fight for women’s rights in 1848, women worldwide were excluded from business and had virtually no legal standing. Susan B. Anthony championed the cause into this century but didn’t live to see Woman Suffrage written into the Constitution. Women have now matched men in achievement, but there is no indication we will soon see a stamp for the Equal Rights Amendment.


Illustrations for this article were provided by John W. Salomon of the Dumont Stamp Company, New York, with additional help from Stampvest International, New York.



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