Pursuit: Normandy, 1944


The battalion marched back to the hill that evening and was dug in by midnight, ready for a counterattack that became more remote by the day. Training was resumed in the form of rerunning the attack on the hill. Doubtlessly, the tactics were embellished with practice, and each veteran probably gilded his part a bit, also. I did not re-enact my leap through the window. The new men seemed impressed and intent on learning from so recent an action.

Meanwhile, the war rolled eastward, taking along its fancy lady, Glory, who has never been any better than she should be. Little of the German Seventh Army escaped; their Fifteenth Army was nearly routed in Flanders; the Parisians rose against their occupiers; and the Allied invasion of southern France gained momentum. For the 2nd Battalion, I think, this was all one; our small, violent scene in the giant canvas of the pursuit was done; we were in no rush to start another.