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Sewall, Richard B.
Richard B. Sewall taught English at Yale from 1934 to 1976 and served as Master of Ezra Stiles College, 1959-70. His publications include The Vision of Tragedy and The Life of Emily Dickinson .
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Seymour, Charles
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Seymour, Gene
Gene Seymour is a film critic at Newsday and is the author of Jazz: The Great American Art.
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Shakespeare, William
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Shannon, William V.
William V. Shannon is on the editorial board of the New York Times . He is the author of The American Irish and of The Heir Apparent , a study of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy, both lniblished by Marmillan.
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Shapiro, Samuel
Professor Shapiro, who recently returned from a year in Argentina on a Fulbright fellowship, now teaches history at Michigan State University Oakland at Rochester, Michigan. He is at work on a study of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. For further reading: Dana’s Autobiographical Sketches (The Shoe String Press, 1953);
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Shapiro, Fred C.
Mr. Shapiro worked on the Herald Tribune ‘s rewrite desk from 1962 to 1965. He is now on the staff of The New Yorker . The major source for the last century of the Tribune ‘s history is The New Y
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Sharpe,, Ernest Jr.
Ernest Sharpe, Jr., is a writer living in Austin, Texas.
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Sheed, Wilfrid
—Wilfrid Sheed is working on a book about the great American songwriters of the thirties and forties.
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Shenker, Israel
Israel Shenker, a reporter for the New York Times , interviewed Mr. Landon recently in Topeka.
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Shepard, Alan B.
Shepard’s account of his flight is adapted from Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America’s Race to the Moon by Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton, with Jay Barbree and Howard Benedict, just issued by Turner Publishing.
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Shepherdson, Nancy
Nancy Shepherdson wrote about the birth of the federal income tax in our March 1989 issue.
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Sheppard, Carol
Carol Sheppard, who lives in Boulder, Colorado, works as a dissertation editor and typist and also writes fiction.
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Sherwood, David
David Sherwood is an advertising copywriter who lives in Hartford, Connecticut. He has written often on the history of his town.
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Shi, David
This article is adapted from David Shi’s forthcoming book, The Simple Life , which will be published soon by Oxford University Press. Dr. Shi is a professor of history at Davidson College in North Carolina.
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Shields, Stephen
Stephen Shields is a writer living in Aurora, Ohio.
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Shirer, William L.
William L. Shirer is the author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich . This account has been adapted from The Nightmare Years, 1930-1940 , which is Volume II of20th Century Journey and will be published soon by Little, Brown & Co.
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Shoemaker, Zak
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Shogan, Robert
Mr. Shogan, who is a member of the staff of Newsweek , is the co-author of The Detroit Race Riot (Chilian, 1964). For further reading: Out of the Jaws of Victory , by Jules Abels (Holt, 1959); The Tr
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Shorter, Edward
Edward Shorter Ph.D., is a social historian of medicine, clinical scientist, and professor at the University of Toronto. Shorter has published widely in this field, including the histories of obstetrics and gynecology (Women’s Bodies), the doctor-patient relationship (Doctors and Their Patients), psychosomatic illness (From Paralysis to Fatigue), and sexuality (Written in the Flesh: A History of
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Shoumatoff, Alex
This article was adapted from Legends of the American Desert: Sojourns in the Greater Southwest (Knopf), Alex Shoumatoff’s tenth book. A contributing editor at Vanity Fair , he lives with his wife and five children on a mountain in the Adirondacks of upstate New York.
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Shuttleworth, Jack
Mr. Shuttleworth was editor of the humorous weekly Judge from the mid-twenties to the mid-thirties and later succeeded Oliver La Farge as editor of the Alliance Book Corporation. He was written several books, and has contributed to most of the popular British, Canadian, and American magazines.
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Sibbald, John R.
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Captain Sibbald, John R.
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Sides, Hampton
Hampton Sides is an author and the editor-at-large for Outside Magazine. In addition to his journalism, Sides has written five books, including Hellhound on His Trail, Ghost Soldiers, and Blood and Thunder. Twice nominated for the National Magazine Awards for feature writing, his articles can be found in National Geographic, The New Yorker, Esquire, and The Washington
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Siegal, Benjamin
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Sifton, Samuel
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Dr. Silberger,, Julius Jr.
This article is adapted from Julius Silberger, Jr.’s biography, The Will to Believe: The Life and Times of Mary Baker Eddy , published recently by Little, Brown. Dr. Silberger is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. He first got interested in Mary Baker Eddy because Christian Science and psychoanalysis both arose in part
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Silberman, Charles E.
Charles E. Silberman, a former editor of Fortune, is a member of the Joint Committee on Juvenile Justice Standards of the American Bar Association. His 1978 best seller, Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice , won an award from the Criminal Justice Section of the New York State Bar Association.
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Silverberg, Robert
Robert Silverberg has been a professional writer since 1955, widely known for his science fiction and fantasy stories. He is a many-time winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards, was named to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 1999, and in 2004 was designated as a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America. His books and stories have been translated into forty languages. Among his best kn
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Silverman, E. H.
E. H. Silverman, a former staff member of True and Argosy, is now a free-lance magazine writer living in Ardsley, N. Y.
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Sim, Jillian A.
Jillian A. Sim is working on a book about her family.
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Sim, Jillian
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Simmons, James C.
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Simmons, Margaret Staats
—Margaret Staats Simmons, the former editor of Travel Holiday magazine, is the director of new media for Fairchild Publications.
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Simpson, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Simpson, a member of the staff ‘of Horizon magazine, has spent all twentysix summers of his life at Chautauqua.
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Sims, Lydel
Lydel Sims is a feature writer on the Memphis Commercial Appeal . He has collaborated on a new book about World War II submarine operations, soon to be published by Little, Brown under the title War Fish .
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Sinclair, Andrew
Andrew Sinclair, a novelist and former screenwriter, is the author of The Emancipation of the American Woman , as well as biographies of Dylan Thomas and Warren G. Harding. Jack, his biography of Jack London, will be published by Harper & Row in the autumn of this year.
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Sinko, Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen Sinko is the assistant curator of the Forbes Magazine Collection.
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Skeel, Sharon Kay
Sharon Kay Skeel is a free-lance writer living in Philadelphia.
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Skelton, R. A.
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Sklar, Kathryn Kish
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Sloan, Kay
This article is adapted from a book by the two authors, Looking Far North: The Harriman Expedition to Alaska, 1899 , soon to be published by the Viking Press. William H. Goetzmann is a writer and historian, and Kay Sloan teaches at the University of Texas in Austin.
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Sloan, Richard
Richard Sloan, a television engineer, is president of the Lincoln Group of New York and a contributing editor of The Lincoln College Newsletter .
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Sloane, Eric
Eric Sloane is an artist living in a Brookfield, Connecticut, farmhouse built in 1782. He has written and illustrated many books, including the recent American Barns and Covered Bridges . He is currently finishing Our Vanishing Landscape , to be published this fall.
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Sloat, Warren
Warren Sloat is an American author who has written two books and co-authored a third. His most recent book, 1929: America Before The Crash, chronicles the contrast between the 1920s and the 1930s due to the economic depression. In 2002, Sloat completed A Battle for the Soul of New York: Tammany Hall, Police Corruption, Vice and Reverend Ch
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Slotnick, Bonnie
Shirley Abbott’s memoir, The Bookmaker’s Daughter , will be published by Ticknor & Fields in July. Bonnie Slotnick is an editor and a cookbook collector.
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Sloune, Eric
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Smiley, Nixon
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Smith, Bradley
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Smith, Helena Huntington
Helena Huntington Smith, of Alexandria, Virginia, has written several books and articles about the West. Her previous articles for AMERICAN HERITAGE have included “ Pioneers in Petticoats ” (February, 1959) and “ A Few Men in Soldier Suits ” (August, 1957). Books include: The War on Powder Riv
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Smith, Elbert B.
Elbert B. Smith is a member of the faculty of Iowa State College. He gathered material for this article while doing research for Magnificent Missourian , a biography of Thomas Hart Benton just published by J. B. Lippincott.
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Smith, Bradford
Bradford Smith is the author of Yankees in Paradise , published by Lippincott in 1956, in which the full story of the Yankee influence on early Hawaii is told.
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Smith, Henry Nash
Henry Nash Smith, the author of Virgin Land and several books on Mark Twain, is professor of English at the University of California and literary editor of the Twain estate. For further reading: Mark Twain’s America , by Bernard De Voto (Houghton Mifflin, 19
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Colonel Smith, Josiah
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Smith, Gene
Gene Smith was a notable popular historian and long-time contributor to American Heritage who passed away in 2012 at the age of 83. Smith wrote many biographies of American political and military leaders, including the 1964 New York Times bestseller When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson. Of Mr. Smith’s 19 books, perhaps the next best-known
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Smith, Suzanne
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Smith, Gaddis
Gaddis Smith teaches diplomatic and maritime history at Yale University. His article “The U.S. vs. International Terrorist*” appeared in our August, 1977, issue.
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Smith, Red
Red Smith, the distinguished sports columnist for the New York Times , says that he has much too much respect for the game of golf to play it himself.
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Smith, Adam
“Adam Smith” is a pseudo-name that author George J. W. Goodman adopted while writing his 1976 book, The Money Game. It remained a number one bestseller for over a year and was called "a modern classic” by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson. Goodman pioneered a style of financial writing that made Wall Street more understandable and accessible to the typical investor. Of his many b
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Smith, Carol A.
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Smith, Gene X
Gene Smith is currently working on a biography of Gen. John J. Pershing.
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Smith, Liz
—Liz Smith has been a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist since the 1970s.
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Smith iii, Roy C.
Roy C. Smith III grew up on his father’s destroyer. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1934 and served in the Navy for thirty-four years. After retiring from the Navy, he served as director of publications of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.
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Smith, m.d., T. Burton
Dr. T. Burton Smith served as Ronald Reagan’s personal physician in 1985 and 1986. His memoir, White House Doctor , written with Carter Henderson, will be published this month by Madison Books.
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Smoler, Fredric
Frederic Smoler has been teaching literature and history at Sarah Lawrence College since 1987; focusing on intellectual and literary history in Europe. He is the Adda Bozeman Chair in International Relations. In addition to his contributions to American Heritage, Smoler also writes for First of the Month, The Nation, and The Observer.
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Snow, Richard F.
Richard F. Snow worked 37 years at American Heritage Magazine, serving as Editor-in-Chief for seventeen of them. Born in New York City, he got a summer job as a mail boy at American Heritage during high school, and after studying English and history at Columbia College, returned to work at the magazine full-time. Snow is the author of several books, most recently A Measur
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Snow, Dean R.
Dean R. Snow is professor of anthropology at the State University of New York at Albany.
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Snow, Ricard F.
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Snyder, Rachel Louise
Rachel Louise Snyder is a writer, professor and public radio commentator. She is the author of the nonfiction book Fugitive Denim: A Moving Story of People and Pants in the Borderless World of Global Trade and a novel entitled What We’ve Lost is Nothing. Her writing has appeared in the the New Yorker, The New York Time
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Sobel, Robert
—Robert Sobel is the Laurence Stessin Professor of Business History at Hofstra University.
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Solberg, Carl
Carl Solberg, formerly an editor with Time Inc., is the author of Riding High: America in the Cold War and Oil Power both published by Mason/Charter.
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Somerlott, Robert
The intriguing history of Mrs. Piper is an excerpt from Robert Somerlolt’sforthcoming book on modern occultism. The book, entitled “ Here, Mr. Splitfoot ,” will be published by The Viking Press later this month.
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Sorel, Edward
Ed Sorel’s update of Christian Schussele’s painting Men of Progress ran in the November 1999 issue.
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Sorel, Nancy Caldwell
—Nancy Caldwell Sorel is the author of a forthcoming history of women correspondents in World War II.
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Sorensen, James
James Sorensen is a freelance writer from Martinsville, New Jersey. He is currently working on his first novel. Since the author’s visit, the National Park Service has opened the Lacy Plantation to visitors on weekends throughout the summer. At all other times, a pass and directions are available at the Chancellorsville Visitor Center.
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Souter, Janet
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Speare, Elizabeth G.
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Speare is a native New Englander who lives in Wethersfield, Connecticut. She has written a novel for young people, based on an episode in the French and Indian War, to be published this year by Houghton Mifflin.
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Speck, Robert M.
Robert Speck attended the Coast Guard Academy and saw sea duty as a deck officer in the Maritime Service.
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Spector, Ronald H.
Ronald H. Spector, a professor of history at the University of Alabama, is currently on leave to serve as director of Naval History for the Department of the Navy. His book Eagle against the Sun (1984) won the Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt Prize in naval history.
Ronald H. Spector's picture
Spence, Clark C.
Clark C. Spence, whose “Knights of the Fast Freight” appeared in our August, 1976, issue, is the author of many books on Western history. He teaches at the University of Illinois.
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Spiegelman, Art
—Art Spiegelman is the author most recently of Open Me . . . I’m a Dog!
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Spiller, Roger J.
Roger J. Spiller retired as the George C. Marshall Distinguished Professor of Military History at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He is the first George C. Marshall Distinguished Professor of History at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. Spiller is a noted author and editor who recently wrote
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Spiller, Roger
Roger Spiller’s essay on the World War II generation appeared in the December 1991 issue.
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Spitz, Ellen Handler
—Ellen Handler Spitz teaches in the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University and is the author of Inside Picture Books .
Ellen Handler Spitz's picture
Sprague, Marshall
Marshall Sprague's picture
Sprigg, June
June Sprigg is curator of collections at Hancock Shaker Village, in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Indispensable to her research on this article, Ms. Sprigg reports, was Mary Richmond’s excellent Shaker bibliography.
June Sprigg's picture
Springer, John
John Springer has written several books about the history of the movies. He is the president of his own public relations company in New York City.
John Springer's picture
Squires, Vernon C.
Vernon C. Squires was thirty-five when he wrote these letters. He had a master of science degree from Cornell University in architectural engineering and was working as a senior research engineer at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in Akron, Ohio, when he retired in 1975. He died shortly before this issue went to press.
Vernon C. Squires's picture
St. hill, Thomas Nast
Thomas Nast St. Hill's picture
Stacey, Michelle
Michelle Stacey is the author of The Fasting Girl: A True Victorian Medical Mystery , about a woman who displayed mysterious symptoms after being thrown from a streetcar in 1865.
Michelle Stacey's picture
Stallings, Laurence
Laurence Stallings's picture
Stands-in-timber, John
Margot Liberty has lived with the Northern Cheyennes and. spent a year as a historian, interpreter, and guide for the National Park Service at the Custer Battlefield Monument. She now teaches anthropology at the University of Minnesota. She and Mr. Stands in Timber have worked together on a history of the Northern Cheyennes soon to be published by the Y
John Stands-in-timber's picture
Stange, Eric
Eric Stange is the founder and executive producer of Spy Pond Productions, which specializes in producing documentaries on historical and scientific topics. In addition, Strange is an award-winning director and writer whose work can be seen on PBS, The Discovery Channel, and the BBC. He has been awarded the Harvard University Charles Warren Fellowship in American History for his achievements, and
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Stanley-brown, Joseph
Joseph Stanley-brown's picture
Stannard, David E.
An associate professor of history and American studies at Yale, David E. Stannard recently has published The Puritan Way of Death (Oxford University Press, 1977).
David E. Stannard's picture
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Elizabeth Cady Stanton's picture
Stark, Steven D.
Steven D. Stark is a commentator on popular culture for National Public Radio and the Voice of America. This article is adapted from his new book, Glued to the Set: The 60 Television Shows and Events That Made Us Who We Are Today , being published in May by the Free Press.
Steven D. Stark's picture
Starr, Louis M.
A member of the Staff of the Columbia University Oral History project, Mr. Starr has worked on newspapers in Tennessee and Chicago and is author of Bohemian Brigade , a study of Civil War newspapers, published last fall.
Louis M. Starr's picture
Starr, Roger
Roger Starr, a housing and urban affairs specialist, wrote “This Is The Way the World Ends” in AMERICAN HERITAGE , October, 1970.
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