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Canyon De Chelly

Chinle, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly also sustains a living community of Navajo people, who are connected to...
Casa Grande Ruins

Coolidge, Arizona

Casa Grande Ruins is the first archeological site to be preserved by the federal...
Casa Malpais Archaeological Park

Springerville, Arizona

The Mogollan people occupied Casa Malpais, which means "House of the Badlands,...
Chiricahua National Monument

Willcox, Arizona

This forest of rock spires was eroded from layers of ash deposited by the Turkey Creek...
Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Vail, Arizona

Among the mammals, Pack Rats, Deer Mice, Spotted Skunks, Striped Skunks, Ringtails, Foxes...
Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills, Arizona

The town acquired the park May 1, 1997, from MCO Properties, Inc. Approximately nine...
Grand Canyon National Park

Flagstaff, Arizona

A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its...
Pueblo Grande Museum And Archaeological Park

Phoenix, Arizona

Pueblo Grande Museum is located at a 1,500 year-old Hohokam village ruins in modern day...