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Bristol Historical Society

Bristol, Connecticut

The mission of the Bristol Historical Society is to promote an interest in local history...
Chester Historical Society

Chester, Connecticut

The Chester Historical Society was founded in 1970. In keeping with its mission, the...
Coventry Historical Society

Coventry, Connecticut

As part of the mission, the society provides local schools with materials and resources...
Darien Historical Society

Darien, Connecticut

The society operates the Bates-Scofield Homestead, an eighteenth century house-museum...
Essex Historical Society

Essex, Connecticut

Initially, Hill's Academy served as the main focus of the society for it was both a...
Kent Historical Society

Kent, Connecticut

The Swift House has recently become the focus of town wide attention. Owned by the Town...
Milford Historical Society

Milford, Connecticut

The society aims to assist the research, nurture the interest, and provoke the actions of...
Mystic River Historical Society

Mystic, Connecticut

The society maintains a part-time archival and curatorial staff available to assist...
New London County Historical Society

New London, Connecticut

One of the first goals of the organizers was to begin to collect materials of historical...
Old Saybrook Historical Society

Old Saybrook, Connecticut

The society endeavors to further encourage the study of the preservation of historic...
Ridgefield Historical Society

Ridgefield, Connecticut

The headquarters also features a reception and reference room, where the public can...
Stamford Historical Society

Stamford, Connecticut

The Stamford Historical Society was founded in 1901. Like most historical societies,...
Weston Historical Society

Weston, Connecticut

The Weston Historical Society was formed in 1961. It already held a substantial backlog...
Woodstock Historical Society

Woodstock, Connecticut