December 1970

Volume 22
Issue 1


In Part Two of her new series on General Joseph W. Stilwell, Barbara W. Tuchman describes the brutal beginnings, at the Marco Polo Bridge near Peiping, of a war we would all eventually have to fight

Sixteen years before Pearl Harbor an English naval expert uncannily prophesied in detail the war in the Pacific. Now comes evidence that the Japanese heeded his theories—but not his warnings

Guess who’s having a revival—

Supporters of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School believed that complete absorption of the Indian into American society was best for everyone

An aging southern belle fights for a new lease on life

The Melting Pot: Its most difficult test

The Melting Pot: The ethnic group that blended

They had no chair lifts, and they called their skis snowshoes, but they were the fastest men alive

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter That Herbert rushed out to see what was the matter

December 1970