Arthur Bernon Tourtellot

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Arthur Bernon Tourtellot (1913-1977) was an editor, author, and television producer who wrote and developed many projects on political and military history including William Diamond’s Drum: The Beginning of the War of the American Revolution (Doubleday, 1959). For further reading: The Story of the Declaration of Independence , by Dumas Malone (Oxford University Press, 1954); Four Days in July , by Cornel A. Lengyel (Doubleday, 1958).

Articles by this Contributor

August 1959

Forty years ago a Boston banker suggested that the Battle of Lexington had become a myth, and later evidence proves him right

December 1962

The men who signed the Declaration of Independence had very few illusions about what they were risking. How much of what they pledged did they actually lose?