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Bernard A. Weisberger, distinguished former history professor of Wayne State University and the Universities of Chicago and Rochester, was the associate editor of American Heritage from 1970 to 1972. He recently authored When Chicago Ruled Baseball: The Cubs-White Sox World Series of 1906 (William Morrow 2006), and has also written Reporters for the Union, a study of Civil War newspapermen.

Articles by this Contributor

July/August 1995

A look at the very small group of powerful and effective men who are Gingrich’s truest models

September 1995

How the Bureau got those restrictions that so many people today want to see abolished

October 1995

Today’s States’ Rights debate is in fact as old as the republic—and not yet as contentious as it got in the 1830s

November 1995

Presidents have wanted it since before any of us was born

December 1995

The saga of Liberia’s beginnings reflects both America’ humanitarian generosity and its racism

February/March 1996

The father of the Pure Food and Drug Act was as hard on his allies as he was on his foes

April 1996

New legislation means to bring lobbyists out into the sunlight. History suggests they’ll bask there.

May/June 1996

Our century ends as it began, with corporations rushing headlong into wedlock

July/august 1996

Some worries surrounded these early atomic-bomb tests, among them: Would the Pacific Ocean explode?

September 1996

A recent book argues that to preserve the Republic, we must stop worshiping an outmoded document