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Ellen Feldman is an author, historian, and 2009 Guggenheim Fellow who has written three books: Scottsboro, The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank, and Lucy. Feldman frequently writes for The Huffington Post and American Heritage, and has lectured across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Articles by this Contributor

July/August 2000

For centuries the Newport rich have been commissioning portraits of themselves—and sometimes getting a surprise when they see the results

November 2000

It has been with us since Plymouth Colony. But that’s not why it’s an American institution.

September 2001

October 2001

From its birth in pagan transactions with the dead to the current marketing push to make it a “seasonal experience,” America’s fastest-growing holiday has a history far older (and far stranger) than does Christmas itself

October 2002

March 2003

A novelist who has just spent several years with them tells a moving story of love: public and private, given and withheld

February/March 2004

Cosmetic surgery was born 2,500 years ago and came of age in the inferno of the Western Front. The controversy about it is still growing.

February/March 2005

When the single most famous document to come out of the Holocaust was published in America half a century ago, it caused a sensation that made and ruined reputations and ignited furious arguments that resonate today