Gerald Carson

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Gerald Carson, who died in 1989, was a Contributing Editor of American Heritage.

Articles by this Contributor

August 1966

J. H. Patterson, the first supersalesman, put his cash register in every emporium and banished itchy fingers from the till

December 1967

In Henry Bergh—a reformed dilettante who founded the A.S.P.C.A.—many saw a latter-day Saint Francis of Assisi. But others, especially the cruel or the thoughtless, regarded him as The Great Meddler.

April 1967

The roads were terrible, and posted badly or not at all; you had to equip yourself against a hundred mishaps, ninety-three of which actually happened--but you were often up to your hubcaps in pleasure.

February 1971

The Rough Rider rode roughshod over writers who took liberties with Mother Nature’s children

June 1971

Patent medicines were usually neither patented nor medicinal, which is not to say they didn’t (and don’t) have any effect

August 1971

Pilgrims and Puritans, naturally, hated the water, but by the turn of the century certain pleasures had been rediscovered

April 1972

What started as fun and games at spring roundups is now a multi-million-dollar sport called rodeo

December 1973

and grew, and grew, and grew