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Hiller B. Zobel is a fellow of the Society of American Historians and a retired Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Superior Court. Zobel has also published books on the both legal and historical subjects including The Boston Massacre, released in 1996, and Doctors and the Law: Defendants and Expert Witnesses, published in 1993. He was recalled from retirement in 2006 and now serves the Middlesex Superior Court. 

Articles by this Contributor

June/July 1986

Oliver Wendell Holmes was wounded three times in some of the worst fighting of the Civil War. But for him, the most terrible battles were the ones he had missed.

March 1988

Every one of the Founding Fathers was a historian—a historian who believed that only history could protect us from tyranny and coercion. In their reactions to the long, bloody pageant of the English past, we can see mirrored the framers’ intent.

October 1991

It has always been politics as usual

November 1994

Why Litigiousness Is a National Character Trait

July/August 1995

Is trial by jury the essential underpinning of our system of justice or—as more and more critics charge—a relic so flawed it should perhaps even be abolished? An experienced trial judge examines the historical evidence in the case.

December 1997

Can it be fair? Humane? Deter crime? These very current questions troubled Americans just as much in the day of the Salem witch trials as in the day of Timothy McVeigh

May 2001

As the 2000 election made very clear, we are torn between revering judges and despising them. It’s in the nature of the job.

Winter 2011

A century ago, a skilled and fearless stunt pilot landed a wire-and-wood aircraft on a ship's deck -- and introduced the era of naval aviation