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Alfred Leslie Rowse(1903 – 1997), known professionally as A. L. Rowse and to his friends and family as Leslie, was a prolific Cornish historian. He is perhaps best known for his poetry about Cornwall and his work on Elizabethan England. Rowse wrote some 100 books, including the bestseller, the autobiographical A Cornish Childhood, that sold nearly half a million copies worldwide. Rowse was also famous for his research on Shakespeare and his theories on the bard;s sexuality.

Articles by this Contributor

December 1959

America acted deeply on the Elizabethan English imagination, working its magic in the minds of poets and men of science

April 1959

“To push back the consciousness of American beginnings, beyond Jamestown, beyond the Pilgrims, to the highwater mark of the Elizabethan Age” -- Part One of a New Series.

June 1959

The Elizabethans and America: Part II -- The fate of the Virginia Colony rested on the endurance of adventurers, the financing of London merchants, and the favor of a courtier with his demanding spinster Queen.

August 1959

Before Plymouth Colony there was Sagadahoc, the short-lived settlement for which Sir Ferdinando Gorges had high hopes

December 1962

A famed British historian and poet looks at Churchill's two masterpieces.