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Mr. Thomas is a well-known writer whose latest book is Sam Ward: King of the Lobby . The present article is adapted from his history of Delmonico’s famous New York restaurant, to be published by Houghton Mifflin later this year. For further reading: William Jay Gaynor , by Mortimer Smith (Henry Regnery, 1951).

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August 1961

While the volcano rumbled, lovely little St. Pierre slumbered on. It awoke only to die—in a terrible preview of nuclear holocaust

April 1964

An exile from his own land, ex-Senator William Gwin dreamed of lostmines in Sonora, an Eldorado for unreconstructed Confederates, and a title in Maximilian’s Mexico

February 1967

The 1910 race for the mayoralty of New York looked like a tough one.