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Robert S. Gallagher

Robert S. Gallagher, (1934-2002) was frequent contributor to American Heritage , and the editor of the Green Bay Press-Gazette in the 1970's and 1980's. After retiring in 1996, Gallagher returned to journalism in 2000 becoming the first editor of CityTalk, a biweekly magazine in Chicago.

Articles by this Contributor

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The fearless sailors who manned America’s whaling fleet in the nineteenth century were no strangers to danger, but even the bravest trembled at the unknown prospects of becoming castaways on forbidden shores Read >>
As featureless new buildings replace the old, the faces of our cities are going blank. But evocative relics of an earlier, ornate age are being rescued, to stand once more in a unique garden in Brooklyn. Read >>
The artist knew that the Native Americans could not maintain their culture in the face of the white man's expansion across the continent. Read >>
Alabama’s Lurleen Wallace is not the first wife to stand in for her husband on the political stage. “Farmer Jim” Ferguson ran his Miriam for governor of Texas five times, and twice the voters elected her Read >>

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