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Thomas Fleming, a longtime contributor and former president of the Society of American Historians, recently published the 50th anniversary edition of his Now We Are Enemies: The Story of Bunker Hill (American History Press 2010). Born in Jersey City, NJ, Fleming served in the United States Navy before graduating with honors from Fordham University. He was admitted as an honorary member of The Society of the Cincinnati, and has also appeared  on C-SPAN, the History Channel, A&E, and PBS. Thomas Fleming’s most recently published book is A Disease in the Public Mind, A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil War, to be published by Da Capo Press in May, 2013. He is currently writing Washington Vs Jefferson: The Conflict That Changed America's History.

Articles by this Contributor

August 1968

Home-front antiwar sentiment soared as ever more troops were sent to fight a fierce guerilla enemy in the Philippine “Black Jack” was caught in the cross fire

October 1968

Half a century later, an American writer in France tries to recapture the unforgettable experience of his father in the greatest battle fought by the doughboys “over there”

February 1970

Benevolent father figure? Bloody-handed Cossack? Slow-witted flatfoot? Irish grafter? Brave but underpaid public servant? Check your prejudice against this inquiry into police history

December 1972

Defeated at Saratoga, Burgoyne’s troops faced nearly five years of enforced exile in a hostile countryside

June/July 1979

For more than a century, Irish-Americans were whipsawed between love for their tormented native land and loyalty to the United States. But no more .

April/may 1982

The Forgotten Revolutionary Conquistador Who Saved Louisiana

December 1987

So big was the leak that it might have caused us to lose World War II. So mysterious is the identity of the leaker that we can’t be sure to this day who it was…or at least not entirely sure.

April 1988

The old school is alive with the memory of men like Lee, Grant, Pershing, and Eisenhower

May/June 1988

Early in the century a young American accurately predicted Japan’s imperialism and China’s and Russia’s rise. Then he set out to become China’s soldier leader.